UncategorizedApril 23, 2019by Kere Delcon0The Oost Egg Hunt – 2019

The Oost West Egg Hunt is on from 19-29 April with ten themed display eggs to collect. These are hidden throughout the Oost Community (although not in our residents’ homes!) – here’s a few clues to get you up to speed with where to search if you haven’t got them all yet!

Spike is parked on the street… on a bench

Princess is in the village’s sweet spot

Gimp is in the basement where nobody can hear him scream

Midas is with the kings (and a couple of old queens!)

Tom stays in reach of rubber, leather and grease

Devil is outside a house of worship because it would be a sin to go in

Sailor is with the fish… and the chips

Slave is ’round the back’ at the dungeon door

Angel is in the clouds… erm… towels – at least they’re white and fluffy

Rodeo is where he can give every man a cowboy’s welcome