UncategorizedOctober 10, 2020by Kere Delcon0Bears on film!

Our first ever photo contest (celebrating our second anniversary at Oost West) has finished. Thanks to everyone who submitted their pics. Remember to keep sharing your snaps to our Oost West Community via Flickr! We picked a handful of submissions and assigned the ideal category to them. These pics were creative, sexy and most importantly, shared the spirit of living at Oost. Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Best Cake: Ethan Lane (Grand Prize)

“So colorful and fun. Love the sexy humor! Best way to celebrate a birthday, this pic has it all!”

Hottest Cowboy: Mickey Melodious[email protected]/50368664072/in/pool-oost-west-sl/

“Love the relaxed and welcoming feel! Home sweet home is everything we stand for… and ‘welcoming feels’ of course!”

Biggest Ball(s): Devlin Kas[email protected]/50359421111/in/pool-oost-west-sl/

“Really creative choice of pic using the hoop in the village! Awesome action shot too!”

Son of a beach: Forni Mangašević[email protected]/50390071666/in/pool-oost-west-sl/

“Beautiful ocean view – lighthouse and that ass…”

Morning wood: Drew Ryan[email protected]/50364889063/in/pool-oost-west-sl/

“Beautiful pensive pose, gorgeous lighting, and peace is exactly what we hope everyone can find at Oost”

Your prizes are on their way! 🙂

Special mentions
Dinox Alpha: – sweet and tender capture of an intimate moment. Beautiful.

Chaotic Paragorn: – another beautiful view. The lake also looks great 🙂

Forni:[email protected]/50344242503/in/pool-oost-west-sl/ – sadly not eligible for the contest, but everyone simply must see and appreciate this beautiful pic!