Your guide to getting around all four Oost regions

Oost West

Oost West is where our community began. It’s a woodland oasis which provides a more intimate setting to spend time with friends in the beauty of nature. The river is a secluded spot for camping and unwinding in a tranquil setting shrouded by towering pines.

Oost Village

Main street is the heart of the village and boasts a number of fully-equipped venues for role-play including a doctor’s clinic, police cells (underneath the Town Hall), bar, gym, grocer, diner, barber and more. The village pool is open from Spring-Summer each year. Outside of town, through the woods is a unique hiking trail with cuddle tents, a hut with spa at the end of your journey, and a natural thermal hot springs to take a dip year-round.

Oost Harbor

Oost Harbor is our nautical-themed region where our bears get their rocks off. Follow the road from Oost Village and you’ll find a tranquil seaside fishing village with bars, restaurants, a cool breeze and a sandy beach. It may not be the tropics, but it’s an ideal place to get a tan and a man. There’s a small bay for sailing, where residents from all Oost regions can rez boats for temporary use in the sea.

Oost Fields

Oost Fields is for men who truly believe that size matters. Designed as our very own ranch, the parcels here are bigger and offer more flexibility for guys who love wide open spaces to fill. So saddle up and get some dirt between your fingers. There’s a crop of hunks ready to show you some good ol’ country hospitality! Maybe you’ll Oost Fields is where you’ll find your roots. Featuring an events barn and brewery - headquarters of the Oost Brewing Co.