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Oost is in Fall from 21 Sept - 20 Nov

Happy Halloween

The Hunt for voodoo dolls is back!

Village Pool

The Village Pool is Open!


30 September 2021  |  Kere Delcon

Voodoo Doll Hunt 2021

They’re back! Happy Halloween!

Visit now:

They’re back! The annual Halloween Hunt for Oost West’s gay voodoo dolls is back! Explore all four Oost regions to collect all dolls from the 2019, 2020 and new 2021 sets. There’s 66 in total.

1: First up, they’re in public areas only, not in anybody’s houses or yards, so please don’t go intruding on someone’s private residence.

2: The dolls are on a spawn timer. Some will respawn every few minutes, some may only be there once per day. When you pick one up, it’ll disappear for a while so if you’re hunting with a friend, you might want to flip-flop 😉 – Sharing is caring!

3: You can try your luck in the Halloween Cauldron too. The cauldron, located near the Halloween stage in Oost Village will give you one random doll each day (no rares, sorry!) but hey, it’s still worth a shot huh?

4: Throughout the month as more shipments arrive, you might see boxed dolls lying around. They’ll give you one random per day too with a chance at the rares!

You have until October 30th to collect any of the voodoo dolls you’re missing, plus this year’s new 2020 set. Happy hunting!

Record Land - let's get it on!

25 August 2021  |  Kere Delcon

Damn the man. Save the empire.

Check out the Village’s new hangout – Record Land!

Visit now:

When Foodtown grocery store opened in Oost Village, the old grocer shut up shop, creating the perfect storm for a busload of beatniks to move in. Record Land is their collection of records, comics and magazines in retro themes. There’s a cash register but nobody’s really there to buy! Record Land is an experience not a store!

Play the vintage slot car game, to find out who’s going to spread ’em on the wall. The mural, the yellow sofa… the beanbags… they all offer more adult fun. This retro hang-out ‘aint for kids or prudes – and when you’ve finished getting rocked upstairs, head through the yellow staff door to the basement. It used to be locked but Lucas lost the key (thanks Lucas!).

The basement is where we keep our stash. weed, voodoo dolls and porn. You can get rocked on almost anything down here, and when you’re done, take a shower in the TARDIS to clean off. There’s greedy down here too.

Record Land – Located in Oost Village.

Upstairs you can ‘play’ on:

  • The yellow sofa
  • The bean bags
  • The rainbow cock mural

Downstairs (through the yellow door)

  • The guitar amp
  • The pinball machine (Hurricane Forni)
  • The pile of boxes (three-way bed with observer menu)
  • The porn shelf
  • The TARDIS shower (ruckus shower with 4min cum clean up)
  • The beanbag chairs

And round it all off with a game of greedy set to a rocking 80s soundtrack (turn your music on). Check it out. See you underground!