UncategorizedOctober 6, 2019by Kere Delcon0Halloween At OOST

It’s Halloween season at Oost West Estates – which means the regions – and us – get dressed up for frights and fun. Because Oost is about community we’ve got a number of special events happening this month, so join us for parties, hunts and a new ‘seasonal’ playground to enjoy with that special someone.

At the Western edge of the village is the Halloween Hub. Here you can get all your information on the estate rentals and activities, and find your teleport to the seasonal activities and play areas like the cornfield and the graveyard. Visit the Halloween Hub here:

It’s a maze in maize… where the aim is not to find your way out, but enjoy the dark pleasures inside. The cornfield is equipped with adult furniture and spooky props for a twisted liaison. You’ll also find the Oost West collectible voodoo dolls spawning here at random times. If you’re missing any from your set, you might find them here. This is the only place to collect the RARES. For the best experience, make sure you have your windlight settings on region default. The cornfield and the graveyard can be accessed by teleport from the Halloween Hub at the Western edge of Oost Village or by clicking here:

On the edge of the cornfield is The Old Oost graveyard. The boners of those who came before us are pushed deep in the ground here. Towards the end of the month we’ll host some costume parties here. Until then you can check out our events and live DJs by clicking here:

Who hasn’t wanted to stick a pin in their landlord before? You can collect your own set of Voodoo Sam and Voodoo Kere throughout October. There’s 20 to get your hands on… You’ll find cauldrons located around the estate at: OOST WEST – Bear Camp Campsite, OOST VILLAGE – Town and Hiking Trail, OOST HARBOR – Harbor and beach. When clicked, each cauldron will give you one random doll, once per day. The Four RARE dolls can only be found at random spawn times in the cornfield. Happy Haunting!

Don’t forget to share you pics from your Oost haunting at our flickr group page –