UncategorizedOctober 31, 2019by Kere Delcon3Seasons update

It’s that time of year where we feel like we’re going from one holiday to another – so it’s a good time to give a seasons update at Oost for our residents and wider community. If anything, it’ll help with your planning.’

First of all, thanks for sharing your feedback with us via the community survey last month. So far we’ve actionned a few of your suggestions, and continue to look into the others. We have added larger parcels with the addition of the Oost Fields region. We have made fixes to the table games in Oost West. We’ve added a new bar(n) with dance floor via the addition of Oost Fields… and we’ll keep making improvements in the landscape aesthetics of each region. Some of the other suggestions we’re considering are the addition of one or two actual stores to the village and a tour experience to showcase all four regions. Speaking of which, look out for new signage and telehubs coming that will make getting around even easier (we hope!)

We had a blast with the voodoo dolls and the Haunted cornfield and graveyard, and hope you enjoyed something a bit different. We’ll continue to create seasonal playgrounds for a bit of fun in the future. If you missed collecting your free, copy versions of the Oost West voodoo dolls, you still have a chance to complete the set. They’ll be moving to a gacha sometime in November, with proceeds supporting the regions. They won’t be copy anymore, but that means you can trade.

The season will stay set to autumn/fall, but as the Halloween decorations come down, the Christmas decor will start going up. Expect to see some decorating happening from the middle of this month. To keep region performance as good as we can, there won’t be script-heavy weather systems added to Oost West, Oost Village or Oost Harbor this year, beyond minor snow-flurries – although there will be snow! You may however see some snow falling at Oost Fields, though this will be periodic and localised.

Oost West will be a woodland winter wonderland and Oost Village will boast a festive main street for that holiday date (or festive liaison!)
Oost Harbor will be draped in a spectacular show of lights and Oost Fields will be crisp and snowy, with focused weather events – and additional wildlife!

Decorating for the holidays will start across all regions from November 15th (YAAAASS!) – but you can deck your balls any time you’re ready.

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! The biggest question we’ll get asked is, when’s it going to snow? From December 1 you’ll notice the windlight change and the sims begin to cool. There’ll be a bit of snow, but you won’t see a full snowfall until around mid December. That’s mainly because the snow stays through new year and into late Jan – at which point, it starts getting old. However, if there’s enough demand, Jack frost might cum early – you never know!

Tour de decos – By popular request, we’ll be compiling a list of homes to visit as our community showcases their places and decorations. Participation is optional, but you’ll need to have your security orbs turned off and your halls decked by 1 December. We’ll send out more details closer to the time and compile a list of landmarks so you can check out the neighbors.

Oh there’ll be a fun new seasonal playground, and gifts as well.

Watch this space 🙂