UncategorizedFebruary 1, 2020by Kere Delcon0Seasons Update – Jan/FEB 2020

Hey Bears – what a winter it’s been. Now the cold snap is behind us and we’re into a new year, things will start warming up. The big thaw is coming, are you ready?


New bank! Winter temperatures have started to cool by the end of the month. In the village, things are hotting up with a new venue for adult play now open: THE BANK VAULT. Featuring a variety of equipment for one or more players, including some rough items for BDSM and fetish scenes – the vault can be accessed by teleport in the Oost Village Bank. Check it out and have some fun!

Goodbye Caves: With the opening of the Bank Vault comes the closure of the caves. The caves were a great space, and will no doubt make a come back during seasonal events, but for now, to save prims and script time on the regions, we’re removing the caves for now and consolidating our public play areas.


Start of Spring: Love is in the air as the snow melts and the flowers come out. It’s the hotly anticipated seasonal change. Spring begins on Friday 7 February – one week out from Valentine’s Day. Get your parcels defrosted and pack the snow roofs away until November. Spring is about to Spring at Oost, and it’s one of our favorite seasons. If you’ve got friends and family who have been waiting for an elusive parcel at Oost community, let them know before they’re gone.

This month we’ve a few technical updates for the community too. The online help portal will soon be available both on this website and inworld too. Scripters are hard at work getting this up and running for us.


Easter, the egg hunt, more events and the SL Birthday Bash. Looking forward to sharing 2020 with you! xx