UncategorizedApril 21, 2020by Kere Delcon0The Oost Egg Hunt 2020

Hey bears! The egg hunt is on – with just a week left to collect your very first Oost Trophy – the ‘Chocolate Cowboy’ it’s time to hit the regions and find those golden eggs.

This year you’ll need to find 20 golden eggs, five in each region of Oost West Estates. Wearing your bunny tail, each egg you touch will be counted toward your total. Once you have all 20 found, return to the start of the hunt and claim your trophy! Click here to visit the Oost Spring Hub and get cracking!

The clues:


01 – Arrow points to the first.

02 – Where it’s frozen all year long.

03 – Check-up… a little privacy please.

04 – The safest place in the village

05 – Grease your muffler


06 – He’s holding three prongs – pointy.

07 – There’s something fishy about these tacos…

08 – Single barrel, rings the bell.

09 – Muscle man gets in my crack – like sand

10 – Keep a lookout, save lives.


11 – Upstream… where the cowboy takes a dip

12 – Massage – in the outdoors

13 – Don’t feed the trolls

14 – Checkmate

15 – Where the gardener keeps his seed


16 – the b.a.r in b.a.r.n

17 – Saddle-up, Sam’s last name

18 – In the driver’s seat

19 – Big wheels keep on turnin’

20 – Where the wine grows