UncategorizedJune 13, 2020by Kere Delcon0SEASONS Update – Summer 2020

Hey bears! We hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well. 2020 is proving to be a real tough one. Watching the news is hard and sometimes, knowing what to do can be even harder. Thankfully, Second Life allows us a space to express ourselves in ways that the outside world may not, and it provides somewhere safe to meet people with similar stories to our own. Oost West was started to provide a place for Gay men to find home among like-minded others without fear of judgement, retribution or abuse. We’ve never taken for granted that these basic rights aren’t something we all have outside of SL, and it’s why we are so thankful to have a community of good, kind people who care about their neighbours, and the space around them. Please remember to keep safe, support others and reach out when you need to.

Some community highlights: Since the start of the year we’ve welcomed new residents, opened the Oost Village bank (have you found the teleport inside and the naughty vault it leads to?), a makeover of the caves event area, a wedding (congrats to Chaos and Cent!), an egg hunt and a community (gacha) farmers’ market. There’s more to come, so here’s an update of what’s happening in our neck of the woods 😉

JUNE: Pride month.

– Pride
Oost is really pleased to sponsor Second Pride again. Our sims will be decorated all month long as a reminder that the liberties we enjoy have been hard fought for – and that for many, the fight rages on. It can be hard to feel like celebrating in the current world we live in – however you feel, know that the community we have built together at Oost West is a safe place for you to roam and make home.

– Farmers’ Market
Next to the barn at Oost Fields is our first seasonal Farmers’ Market. All residents and their partners are invited to put out some gachas for re-sale, maybe you have doubles or prizes you don’t want anymore/ Drop them off, set them for sale and make a little cash while cleaning up your inventory. Keep your patch to 100prims – and don’t worry, this doesn’t count toward your prim parcels, so go for it!

– New Prim allowances
We’ve increased your land-impact (prims) for no extra cost. The new allowances are permanent – and add up as follows:
$1600L – was 800Li now 950
$2000L – was 1000Li now 1250
$2400L – was 1200Li now 1500
$3000L – was 1500Li now 1800

– SL17B
We’re at Second Life’s official birthday expo for the first time, where we’re sharing some of the amazing pics our community has captured. Nothing tells the story of our amazing journey better than your own images. Thanks to everyone for allowing us to share your work. Come by and see us when SL17B opens soon!

JULY: Summer at Oost

– Bare bears?
We’ll hold our first photo contest in July with details coming soon. Watch this space.

– Harbor remodel
Changes are coming to Oost Harbor. Our sleepy fishing village is about to get ‘boojie’! Waterfront restaurants, cafes and bars will be moving in, providing more space to RP that first date, hook-up and more! One of the unique features of the Oost West regions are the public spaces to play and role-play in. Summer is the perfect time to sit by the sea and get a little cream on your lips (from the coffee of course)! … Oh and while you’re looking around, check out a couple of changes in the village: The laundromat has moved to the corner shop, and its old space has become the Rose Apothecary – a tribute (and great photo op) for any Schitt’s Creek fans out there!

AUGUST: Heat Wave

We’re not expecting the same temperatures we had last year (we hope) but remember the fire danger in the woods where you’re camping!

LASTLY: We’re offering referral discounts to our existing residents. If you bring a friend to live at Oost, have them let us know! Once they’ve paid for their first month, we’ll put two weeks on your rental too! (Referral bonus is valid for one parcel/resident. All covenant T&C apply)

That’s all from this update bears. Be good to each other, and we’ll see you soon! – Kere and Sam.