UncategorizedSeptember 27, 2020by Kere Delcon0GHOOST WEST (HALLOWEEN and voodoo dolls!)

The foulest stench is in the air…. The funk of forty thousand years, and grizzly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom – It’s Halloween at Oost which means we’re going to have some fun with the return of the Halloween Maze and the hunt for more Oost West Voodoo dolls! Keep an eye out too, for costume parties later in the month! Click here to visit the Ghoost West Halloween Hub at Oost Village.

2020 Halloween Maze

The Oost Asylum – is this year’s maze theme. Our orderlies will check you in… but you may never leave!
The asylum is a dark and twisted concrete maze with hidden traps and surprises. The goal is not so much to get out, but to stay – and hunt for those voodoo dolls you might be missing. Six of this year’s set can only be found in the maze – Sam and Kere vampires, zombies and skeletons. If you’re keen, you’ll find them all – but it won’t be easy. If you’re lucky, you might even score some other ones too

How to enjoy the maze: To enjoy the maze to full effect, it should be pitch black and lit only by projectors and a flashlight (you can pick one up on your way in). If your computer handles advanced lighting effects, please turn these on. You don’t need shadows enabled but lighting effects are a must. Please also have your windlight settings accept parcel default. If you’re in a release candidate viewer (ie: Firestorm) then there is a region override that should switch it for you. If you’re in a beta viewer with Environment enhancement protocols (EEP), then you should also notice the windlight switch for you. Failing that, you can manually set your windlight to “Ambient Dark” from the drop down list. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

Tips for the maze:

The maze itself isn’t huge – a few trips through and you’ll soon learn your way around – but there are traps and tricks to disorientate you.

– Don’t forget your flashlight! Pick one up on your way into the maze

– If an npc warns you not to move – you might want to listen (at least long enough to get what you came for).

– Panic buttons aren’t always there to help…

2020 Voodoo Dolls

They’re back. Collectable Sam and Kere that you can pin, stab, twist or hang from your mantle-piece. There are 26 new dolls this year. Not all of them are so simple to locate. If you’re stuck, holler at Oost West community group and see if anyone else can help (or gloat, we don’t mind) 😉

Here’s a guide to this year’s collection to get you on your way to grabbing them all.

21 and 22 -Shipwrecked Sam and Kere can be found washed up at Oost Beach. Head to the harbor and look for mysterious piles of sand – marked with starfish. (These are on random spawns, so may not always be the one you’re looking for).
23, and 24 – Boxers Sam and Kere are found with the laundry. Head to Oost Village and look for the Voodoo laundry soap.
25 and 26 – Sam and Kere Bears – anywhere in the Oost Village region (including the maze).
27 and 28 – Skeleton Sam and Kere can only be found hidden in the maze.
29 and 30 – Action Sam and Kere. These dolls are rare, and even have a texture-changing surprise! They spawn at random on any of the four Oost regions.
31 and 32 – Biker Sam and Kere. Bikers stop at the Oost Fields barn for a beer. Check the nearby crops for haunted corn cobs. (These are on random spawns, so may not always be the one you’re looking for).
33 and 34 – Burglar Sam and Kere – to catch these two you’ll need to head to the vaults of the Oost Village Bank.
35 and 36 – Cavemen Sam and Kere – in the cave of course!
37 and 38 – Onesie Sam and Kere – anywhere in the Oost Village region (including the maze).
39 and 40, 41 and 42 – Vampires and Zombies can only be found hidden in the maze.
43 and 44 – Ranger Sam and Kere – anywhere in the Oost West region
45 and 46 – Pride Sam and Kere can only be found at Oost West’s display at Second Pride

2019 Voodoo Dolls

You can collect 1-20 in last year’s set from the cauldrons at any of the Oost regions, Alphaville and Second Pride. Each cauldron will let you grab one random voodoo each day, so you’ve got six chances daily to find the one you want.

Happy hunting!